Using the survey module, it is extremely easy to collect data. Forms can be created by simple drag-and-drop. Data collected using a survey can be analyzed in real-time using the data analysis module.

Supported question types

  • Text field and area
  • Single choice (radio buttons, dropdown)
  • Multiple choice (checkboxes, dropdown)
  • Customizable multiple select lists
  • Sortable lists
  • Multiple choice matrixes
  • Text field matrixes
  • Date and time fields
  • File upload
  • Calculated fields

Additional functionality

  • Personalized, secure links to prefilled cases
  • Panels and mass invitations
  • Declarative routing
  • Dynamic survey pages (in-page routing)
  • Different navigation styles
  • Print view
  • Confirmation e-mails
  • Real-time analysis in analysis module
  • Automatic report generation
  • CSV export of cases
  • Validation based on regular expressions
  • Place variables in texts