tl;dr: The platform is organic and as-a-service priced. Contact us with information on your specific case for a price quote.

We see the Dialogic Platform not as a static software product, but as an organically developed tool that can be bent and shaped to serve a use case. Each new project that is realized in the Platform brings a set of requirements that may lead to the addition of new, generic features to the whole system. All other projects in the system benefit from these additions. Our development strategy is to release early and release often.

We believe in vertical integration to create the best experience for end-users. It is for that reason that we developed the platform in-house in the first place. We also manage our own infrastructurue and work in small teams.

Because of our view on the way a platform should be developed, we offer the platform 'as a service'. In this offering, it is possible to 'mix and match' various modules. Our pricing tiers are simple and based on (lightly enforced and generous) usage limits (number of user accounts, number of charts). 


Data protection is a top priority for us, and having worked with several highly sensitive research data sets, we know the drill. In particular, we have taken the following measures to guarantee protection:

  • All our servers are located in the Netherlands
  • We continuously monitor our infrastructure for breaches
  • We run the most recent versions of underlying software

Upon request, we can share our policy on data protection and privacy.