Our unique 'puzzle pieces' data analysis engine allows anyone to analyze complex, even big data sets, without the requirement of programming knowledge. Our analysis engine supports a variety of (pluggable) operations. In contrast to other systems, these operations can be mixed-and-matched in any way.


The data analysis engine hides all technical details from the end-user. It is possible to mix CSV data with data from a database, to perform a really complex operation, or to change calculations based on user input. In all cases, the system decides what is the most optimal way to calculate the result and will in some cases cache intermediate results, all behind the scenes.

Our analysis engine supports arbitrary combinations of the following operations:

  • Aggregations: group-by, pivoting
  • Formatting: HTML code in-line with data
  • Formulas: recoding of data, date parsing/manipulation, packing/unpacking tuples
  • Interactions: request text input or predefined choices, select-from-column
  • Metadata: set axis labels, chart title, source and copyright
  • Recode: split or merge columns, sort rows
  • Restructure: split value to multiple rows, rename columns, sort columns
  • Transforms: transpose, join, merge data sets
  • Selections: filter, multi-filter, limit rows, add a pager

Our data analysis engine can use a variety of data sources, including:

  • Uploaded files (CSV or Excel XML)
  • MySQL tables and queries (directly connected)
  • Surveys in the system
  • Web services (using open API)
  • Custom data source or file reader plug-ins