The Dialogic Platform enables you to create and share interactive visualizations of large data sets through an intuitive interface. The Dialogic Platform provides:

  • An integrated, real-time workflow for data collection, transformation and presentation
  • Open architecture for data exchange and custom visualizations
  • High performance on large datasets
  • Content management system for the creation of attractive dashboards

The Dialogic Platform is used by Dialogic, a research and consultancy firm based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. 

The video below shows how easy it is to analyze and visualize data with the Dialogic Platform. In this example, a small dataset on coffee consumption is imported (from Excel). An interactive visualization is created that shows the coffee consumption of an individual.

Analysis module

  • High-performance calculation engine
  • Full integration with MySQL
  • Open API for custom data providers

Dashboard/visualization module

  • Pattern/role-based user access control
  • Element/chart embedding support
  • Page permalink support
  • Responsive, mobile-ready design
  • Pattern-based style rules for data formatting
  • Project based custom CSS
  • Visualization plug-ins with customizable settings
  • Native Highcharts, Google Maps visualizations
  • Data export functionality
  • Optional social sharing buttons

Survey module

  • Panel/mass-invitation support
  • Customized/pre-filled surveys
  • Complex question types (including matrix questions)
  • Pattern-based input validation
  • Declarative question routing
  • Calculations during data entry
  • Secure, unique respondent links
  • Real-time analysis of collected data


  • Multilingual back-end
  • Admin roles and permissions by-project
  • Intuitive, drag-and-drop interface